30 January 2010

I Wonder... ?

Sentences that begin with "I wonder," are not questions!

Wrong: I wonder what tomorrow will bring? (Are you responding to someone who just informed you that you're wondering about tomorrow?)

Right: I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

That is all.

25 January 2010

Win an eReader from the Bibliophilic Book Blog

I want an eReader. Preferably a B&N Nook. I don't want it bad enough to save up the money and buy it though, so I'm trying to win one by entering online contests. Needlessly complicated and time-consuming? Yep, but that's me.
It might be you too.
Check out THIS PAGE for your chance to win a Nook, a Kindle, a Sony Touch, or a Sony Pocket. Or, if you're not into that, how about $150.00 gift card to the bookstore of your choice instead?

19 January 2010

Hello, World!

From the day my dad brought home our first family computer, I tried to learn how to control it--how to turn my ideas into keystrokes, and from there, into output, a hybrid of my own knowledge and imagination, and the power of the computer.

To an adolescent boy, nothing is more enticing than control. To a nascent writer, mastery of an invisible world (along with a means of sharing glimpses of that world with others) is like a dream come true.

The first example in any book (these were pre-Internet days) about any programming language is the code necessary to print some text on the screen. Invariably, the illustration text is the simple phrase, "Hello, world!" (Actually, they usually leave out the comma, but that's another rant for another post.) So, I thought it appropriate to title this inaugural post the same.

Where this blog takes me, or if anyone cares, remains to be seen. Until then... Hello, world!