02 August 2010

That's All for Now

I've decided to stop pretending that I want, need, and am able to maintain a blog.

I only started this thing because I was told that, if I wanted to be published, I would need an Internet presence, the most important piece of which is a blog. Well, I'm a long way from being published. Just finding time to write every day is a challenge; finding time to maintain a blog is just an unnecessary distraction at this point. Therefore, this will be my final post for some time.

Thanks to those who followed me, and good luck with your own blogs.

1 comment:

  1. Aww man... I found you just as you quit blogging! Of course, I totally get it! I was told the same thing... that I needed to get a blog going to sell my book and it's SO hard!! I have enough going on, finding time to blog makes it even harder. Good luck to you on your publishing journey!