08 February 2010

My Post-Super-Bowl Blog Post

Everything that could possibly be said about the Super Bowl--as a football game, or as a national entertainment spectacle--is being said a hundred times over, elsewhere.


  1. Go, SAINTS!!!!!

    I've never watched the super bowl, I don't like football really, but it's cool that they finally won. :o)

  2. I've never watched the commercial bowl until this year and it wasn't because of the football either (I'm not a sports fan of any sort). I was just hoping for something uplifting to happen and it did. :)

  3. :D Nice way to save words. I myself have never really watched football :S

    Oh, by the way, I nominated you for an award (for your blog). It's a little odd, these award things. I don't understand them. But I passed it on anyway, so I don't know. Check my blog if you want to see what it is